Recycling Angels: Junk Removal and Recycling in Delaware : We recycle up to 95% of what we take. Serving Wilmington, Delaware, the Delaware Valley, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Maryland. 1-302-RECYCLE. If you've got junk, we can help!  Call Recycling Angels for junk removal and recycling in Wilmington, Delaware and surrounding areas. If you've got junk in Wilmington Delaware, we can help! :


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Follow Recycling Angels on Facebook. Recycling Angels serves Wilmington, Delaware, the Delaware Valley, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Maryland. We load, haul, cleanup and recycle up to 95% of all the junk and clutter we take. We provide junk removal and recycling: construction debris, old furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste ... almost any rubbish in- or outside of your home, garage, or attic .

Services: Clutter and Junk Removal and Recycling

Serving Wilmington, Delaware and surrounding areas, Recycling Angels will remove your junk and clutter FAST, cleanup and recycle up to 95% of what we take. Our waste removal and recycling services include everything from construction and yard debris removal to electronics and furniture recycling, oil and battery recycling, tire recycling, appliance recycling and more.
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Consider how our eco-friendly focus might benefit your business.

Our 3-Step Junk Removal & Recycling Process

Recycling Angels provides “at your service” clutter removal for all types of needs, helping you get your valuable space back. There is NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL for our Recycling Angels. Our 3-step clutter removal process guarantees you have a perfect experience every time! Call us 7 days a week at 1-302-RECYCLE (732-9253).

STEP 1: Clear Your Junk and Clutter Out Today
We'll explain our volume-based pricing over the phone. Our prices include all labor, weight, and disposal fees. We'll help schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you.

STEP 2: Prompt and Friendly FREE Estimates
We'll call you 20-30 minutes before arrival, and our uniformed team will be on time in one of our shiny 14ft. Recycling Angels trucks. The Recycling Angels Team presents a price before doing any work.

STEP 3: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted Junk and Clutter
Just sit back and relax as we Eat Up All of Your Clutter! We do ALL of the labor and loading no matter where your items are located! Everything is properly recycled, disposed of or donated. We even call you after the job to make sure you are COMPLETELY delighted with our service!

Industrial Junk Removal and Recycling Services

Recycling Angesl will remove oil, batteries, equipment and materials from industrial buildings and properly dispose of them.

Bulk Junk Removal for Managed Properties and Facilities

There is always more to be done to have a clean safe property, and Recycling Angels is the perfect solution to unwanted bulk trash and tenant "leave-behinds."

Realtors can "Get it clean, and get it SOLD!"

The presentation of that new listing has an incredible impact on the resale value, and your commission. Let Recycling Angels come out today to remove the items that are lowering the appeal. We can clean out the basement, garage or attic, making your homes more desirable, and your clients happier.

Remodeling, Renovation and Restoration Debris Removal for Contractors

Pay for volume, not labor, dump fees or dumpster rental. Have Recycling Angels prep your site including light demolition and haul your construction debris, with the only fees coming from the volume in the truck.

E-Waste [CPU's, Monitors, Copy Machines ... All Electronic Waste] Commercial / Industrial

Recycling Angels cares about the environment which is why we ensure that your electronic waste (CPU’s, Monitors, Copy Machines, etc) are environmentally recycled and that the data is wiped clean for your protection.

Home Owners: Cleaning Out Your Attic, Garage, Basement or Yard? We Can Help!

We will remove, haul, cleanup and recycle almost anything! Old furniture, appliances, tires, oil, batteries, paint cans, yard waste, computers and more! Recycling Angels recycles up to 95% of all the clutter and junk we take!

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